No Nigerian Soldier Has Ebola – DHQ

The Nigerian Defence Headquarters has said that no Nigerian soldier has tested positive to Ebola and that the troops under quarantine in Liberian were only being confined as a precautionary measure.


The Nigerian military has stated that none of its officers has the Ebola Virus Disease.

This was disclosed via Twitter by the Defence Headquarters which also stated that the soldiers who had been quarantined in Liberia were only under observation after coming in contact with an Ebola-infected man.

The person in question was from Sudan and he visited the soldiers’ camp to lead them in prayers during the Sallah celebration.

Unfortunately, he reportedly died of Ebola days after leading to the quarantining of the military camp and the over 1000 soldiers inside it.

The DHQ said:

“All necessary steps are also being taken to ensure that none of the Nigerian troops is affected by the disease while serving in Liberia,”

News of the quarantine was disclosed by the Director, Nigerian Army Medical Corps, Obashina Ogunbiyi who said earlier in the week that 1,332 Nigerian peace keeping troops were being observed for the disease in Liberia.


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