7 Policemen Watch As Dogs Eat 4Yr Old Boy’s Head In Lagos

Four-year-old Omonigho Abraham was mauled by 2 dogs for over an hour while 7 policemen and a crowd of sympathizers watched.


A four-year-old boy in Lagos is currently in critical condition after being attacked by 2 vicious dogs in the Igando area of the state.

Omonigho Abraham was home with his brothers when the 2 dogs attacked them. The older boys were able to escape but the victim was left at the mercy of the animals, Punch reports.

The dogs, named Gaddafi and Jack, were said to have dragged the little boy around, eating his scalp and leaving his skull exposed, for over an hour while 7 policemen and a crowd of sympathizers watched.

The 7-year-old brother of the victim, Osemudiamen, told Punch:

“We were riding a bicycle in the compound when the big dogs Jack and Gadaffi started barking at us. Later, they moved towards us.

“My elder brother and I quickly ran upstairs and locked the door while Omo (Omonigho), who could not run fast, was left behind.

“When he got to the door, he knocked that we should open for him and as we did, one of the dogs forced his way into the house with him.

“We all ran out. Bobby jumped down from upstairs and I also jumped. But Omo could not jump, so the dog attacked him.

A witness to the attack said:

“The police came, but said there was nothing they could do. The dogs were growling as they ate the child alive and that sent fear into everyone. Nobody could move inside to challenge the dogs. Everybody was just shouting in confusion and wielding sticks.”

Reprieve eventually came the little boy’s way when his mother, Helen arrived and saved him. She said:

“When I got there, I met a crowd. They asked me not to go inside, but I refused to listen to them. One of the dogs emerged from the corridor with blood stains in its mouth. I ran inside. The other dog, on sighting me, pounced, but I fought back. It later ran away. I called on people who joined me to take him to a hospital.”

Little Omo was eventually taken to the Igando General Hospital and later transferred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital  due to the severity of the attack.

His father, Odia said:

“…When I got home, I saw parts of my son’s scalp on the floor. The dogs dragged him through the compound for about one and half hours and nobody moved near them. His face was also affected, but thankfully it did not get to his eyes.”

The police have reportedly taken the dogs into custody and arrested their owner, one Stanley Wesley. The little boy is still in critical condition.


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