Corrupt Nigerian Leaders Ruining Education, Students Declare

Nigerian leaders have been scored low on education and security as the nation celebrates her 54th Independence anniversary.


As Nigeria celebrates the 54th Independence Anniversary, the Muslim Students of Nigeria (MSN), has accused the nation’s leaders of obstructing educational development.

MSN, Lagos State Area Unit, said Nigerian leaders have not done enough for education, employment creation and the fight against corruption.

“Nigerian leaders are obviously the bane of students and educational development. Fifty-four years after independence, our academic institutions still go on strike more than holidays” the group said in a statement signed by its President, Kaamil Kalejaiye.

“The mass failure in the just concluded West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is just one of the numerous things to show for our failing educational system.

The body believes that the leaders’ failure is due to corruption and greed.

“Other countries advanced because their leaders see positions as a calling and national duty, not as a means to enrich themselves and their families,” the statement further read.

Kalejaiye said the state of affairs show that Nigeria is still grappling with postcolonialism and is therefore not truly independent.

He called for concerted efforts towards fighting insecurity and corruption, emphasising the “unimaginable” plight of the Chibok girls.


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