America Records First Case of Ebola Virus Disease

The United States of America has diagnosed its first case of Ebola in a man who travelled to the country from Liberia.


Fears that Ebola could spread beyond West Africa have been confirmed as the United States of America has diagnosed its first case of the disease.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

“CDC confirmed on September 30, 2014, through laboratory tests, the first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the United States in a person who had traveled to Dallas, Texas from West Africa.”

“The patient did not have symptoms when leaving West Africa, but developed symptoms approximately five days after arriving in the United States.”

Director of the CDC, Dr. Tom Frieden, is said to have stated that the patient left Liberia on Sept 19 and arrived in the U.S. on Sept. 20. The patient is said to have gone to a hospital on Sept. 27 and was put in isolation on Sept. 28.

Frieden said however that the patient had not displayed symptoms of the disease before arriving in the US while also adding that he was confident that Ebola would not spread in the country.

He said:

“There is no doubt in my mind we will stop it here”. “We are stopping it in its tracks in this country.”

The infected American was not identified and health officials are said to be making attempts to track down the patient’s close contacts to determine whether they contracted the virus.

American Billionaire, Bill Gates said on September 29 that Ebola is likely to spread beyond the shores of West Africa.


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