Jordin Sparks, Jason Derulo’s Shocking Details Behind Couple’s Sudden Split

A source claims the ‘Wiggle’ singer had stable ‘side’ chick he constatly lied to about his relationship with Jordin.


Reports have confirmed that after three years of dating, Jordin Sparks and

Jason Derulo ultimately called it

Apparently there are no “hard feelings” between the two ex-lovers, but did the “Marry Me” crooner actually cheat on his Battlefield muse?

Derulo was rumoredly “hooking-up” with aspiring model Carmen Ortega behind Sparks’ back, according to

A close source tells the site the 25-year-old “Wiggle” superstar kept Ortega as his go-to side-chick for several
months but the brunette bombshell finally broke things off because she wanted something more serious:

“Carmen didn’t even know about Jordin, and when she found out how serious she and Jason were, she broke it
off… Jason would lie to her and say that his relationship
with Jordin was just for Hollywood.”… Ouch!!!

The source added that after Ortega realized Derulo was just a player, she dumped him: “Jason was texting her, and calling her like crazy. He was obsessed. I feel so sorry for

Sparks supposedly knew about Derulo’s deceitful ways, but stayed with him anyway. The source claims that “Jason
was her first, he took her virginity. She didn’t want to let him go.”


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