Kim Ye Accused Of Spanking Their Daughter?

KimYe had planned how to raise their kid even before baby Nori was born.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West discussed the way they would raise their only child, North West even before she was born (May 2013). But did that also include spanking her when she did worng?

Following the recent child abuse allegations in the NFL, the different ways parents choose to discipline their children are coming under fire if considered way too physical.

However, KimYe may never be caught victims because they had planned a ‘no spanking’ policy as a means to correct baby Nori in their home.

A close source tells that, “Kim and Kanye decided before North was born there would be no spanking, ever!” Adding that, “It’s not how they want to raise their daughter.”

For a black dad and a not-so-white mom, how best will North be disciplined when she acts up? The couple hopes to do their best not to go physical.

“As North gets older, and when she acts up, there will be time outs, taking away a favorite toy, but absolutely no physical discipline.”

Looks like KimYe want their daughter to be the princess that she already is. Just wondering if ‘siezing a toy’ can help a stubborn African kid too!


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