“How My Interview Tapes Of T.B Joshua Disappeared” – Funmi Iyanda

Media personality talks about her strange encounters with T.B Joshua.


TV host Funmi Iyanda speaks up about her encounters with T.B Joshua and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the interview tapes.

With all the recent controversy surrounding T.B Joshua and the case if his collapsed church, media entrepreneur Funmi Iyanda takes to her twitter page to speak about the Synagogues pastor personality and the manner in which his congregation addressed him.

Iyanda reported that she had two encounters with Joshua which were filmed and taped however both records mysteriuosly disappeared leaving her with no evidence of the interviews.

Had 2 encounters with pastor Joshua. In 1997 I had a 2 hour interview with him and church members, the tape “disappeared” in our office.

In 2006 I met him at new synagogue, he asked what l thought of the church. I said it was nice but wasn’t it more important to build people?

At each encounter he said my “spirit” was rather strong. I took it as a complement.

He is charming close up, hard to dislike, effect on his multi racial congregation mesmerising. I saw what easy prey the desperate would be.

At last encounter people from around the world would kneel at the door and crawl on knees to his presence to speak to him. My heart cried.

As per the disappeared tape, someone in his congregation close to the staff probably stole it. Hours of prime sparring. I was 25.

T.B Joshua who gained popularity for predicting incidences before they happen  is currently under a lot of pressure dealing with the collapse of his church building which claimed over 80 lives.


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