8 Disease Awareness Officials Killed By Villagers In Guinea

The officials who went to a remote village to educate the population about Ebola were reportedly attacked and killed.


Eight members of a delegation, which went to a remote Guinean village to inform people about the Ebola disease, have been killed.

The officials, consisting of journalists, a sub-prefect, a regional health director and a pastor among others, were accused of coming to spread the virus by the frightened villagers.

The members of the community then attacked the villagers and reportedly threw rocks at them. Some of the officials managed to escape but the 8 victims lost their lives.

A government spokesman, Albert Camara Damantang confirmed the incident saying:

“They went on a mission to try to sensitize the local population about Ebola, but unfortunately they were met with hostility by people throwing rocks,”

“The eight bodies were found in the village latrine,” “Three of them had their throats slit.”

“In the delegation was a sub-prefect, a regional health director and a pastor who came to offer solace, as well as several journalists from communal radio stations,”

“Among the only survivors we found of those who tried to hide in the bush was the 5-year-old son of the sub-prefect, who was left hiding in the wild.”

“Everyone involved in these murders will be hunted down and brought before the courts to be sanctioned under the law,”

This year’s Ebola outbreak, which started in Guinea, has killed over 2600 people and many villagers in the country are said to be suspicious of government attempts to combat the disease.


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