Skeleton Of An Unborn Baby Removed From Woman’s Womb After 36 Years

Doctors in India have removed a baby’s skeleton from inside its mother, nearly four decades after the unborn infant died.


Kantabai Thakre was 24 years old when she got pregnant in 1978 but it was an ectopic pregnancy.

Since last two months, Thakre had been complaining of consistent pain in her abdomen.

On check-up, the doctors felt a lump on the lower right side of her abdomen, and feared it was cancer.

After more examinations and a CT scan, they discovered the lump was actually the calcified matter of the fetus, lodged between her uterus, intestines and bladder.

Before Thakre’s case, a Belgian woman had retained the remains of a ectopic pregnancy for 18 years.

The skeleton has been removed and this is believed to be the longest ectopic pregnancy ever recorded.


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