Beyonce, Jay Z Sued By Blue Ivy’s Biological Mother!

As if being slammed with a divorce rumour isn’t bad enough, the hip hop couple are now faced with a lawsuit from a homeless who claiming Blue Ivy is her biological child!


Jay Z and Beyonce slammed with a surrogate lawsuit by Blue Ivy’s alleged
biological mother

Beyonce and Jay Z have been hit with another huge blow! The hip hop royal couple who is still fighting night and day to shut down rumours about a possible divorce has now been sued by a woman claiming she is the biological mother of their only daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.


According to RadarOnline, a homeless woman named Tina Seals has just filed a federal lawsuit in New York City, asking a judge to grant her financial compensation alleging she offered her eggs to the couple.

This comes as no big surprise because conspiracy theories alleging that Beyonce used a surrogate to carry her two-year-old daughter with Jay Z had made headlines years ago.

In a handwritten lawsuit, Seals says, “Through mutual associates Plaintiff (myself) provided DNA egg for Beyoncé and Jay Z and look to work out some type of (sic) contractual agreement with Defendants that: a:) Would compensate me for my services with reference to Blue Ivy Doe. B) Would remove any criminal liability associated with the unlawful use of my DNA for the parties involved. C) Would terminate Plaintiff Parental Rights immediately and extend full parental rights to Defendants w/o Plaintiff support.”

Seals is also asking for DNA testing to be conducted on Blue Ivy and “mandated mediation pending test results … I desire to preserve this relationship as these are great people!”

This could have been real if the homeless lady had not been entangled in a similar conspiracy before. According to the site, Seals has filed similar outrageous lawsuits against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, in regards to North West, and Janet Jackson in connection with Michael Jackson’s kids, so it is likely this is just her latest bizarre filing.


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