How Boko Haram Set Us Up Against Nigeria’s Muslims

Boko Haram’s game plan is to divide Nigerians by dressing female suicide bombers in Islamic hijabs, thus making us believe that our fellow Muslim compatriots are a threat.


Mr. Nwachi, in an article titled Hijab-wearing female suicide bombers: What is the gameplan?, refers to several cases when female suicidee bombers wearing Islamic attire were captured in different parts of Nigeria.

“There is nothing impossible for a wicked mind to conceive. Wickedness, taken too far, knows no limits,” Mr. Nwachi writes.

“We are now faced with a scenario where teenage girls are decorated with bombs and subsequently unleashed on the rest of us. Teenage girls are now flying missiles in our beloved country. What a nightmare!

“But who are these girls? Nobody can say for sure. But because they carryout their dastardly acts in a hijab guise, undiscerning minds could erroneously conclude the girls are “female Muslims”. That is exactly the game plan. The game plan is to jeopardize our Muslim sisters wherever they are, including schools and their places of work. The game plan is to portray our Muslim sisters as security risks in their own country and make them vulnerable in the midst of non-Muslims, to create mutual-suspicion among fellow Muslims.

“What else if not that? After all, wearing a hijab is not an impossibility for non-Muslims. Anybody can wear hijab. I can wear it. Actresses, who are not Muslims, but who act the role of Muslims in movies, wear hijab as part of their costume. And when you see them in their ‘hijab’ in movie scenes, you will even believe they are Muslims. That is it.

“Whoever is doing this to Islam and Muslims is the most wicked soul ever created. But is there no way a suicide bomber could be identified as a person from here or there? Why is it that we have never been told that a suicide bomber is from here or there, including the ones that had been arrested alive? We need to know. We need to know who these people are. Exposing culprits will help unveil the real persons, hiding under the cloak of Islam to perpetrate this heinous crime, and remove culpability from the neck of Muslims and Islam or find them culpable and justify the albatross.

“Nigeria is in the grip of evil. The evil grip is so tenacious that a masquerade, which claims to be fighting for Islam, is killing Muslims and destroying the peaceful name of Islam. Never in my life have I witnessed such Boko Haram illogicality. How can a group be ‘fighting for Islam’, but in that fight, the supposed beneficiaries are the ones suffering; their land is the one destroyed and the survivors live with varying degrees of injuries and languish in refugee camps. Yet, some folks, even in the midst of unequivocal realities, believe them.

“Boko Haramists are divisive centrifugal forces. That is what they are. Their mission is to divide us and they are using the subterfuge of religion to achieve that because they know us as a nation that is incurably religious and dangerously fanatical. Most regrettably, some of us, who are blind to this game plan, point accusing fingers at the wrong places and further fuel the inferno of national animosity, and fan the embers of North/South dichotomy. Oh! Our beloved country, Nigeria, who doeth thou this? Oh! Nigerians, good people, great nation, who plunged us into troubled waters? Arise, o compatriots! Let’s unite and confront this monster monstrosity.”


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