Why I Never Became A Glo Ambassador-Genevieve Nnaji Opens

The actress spoke about her various brand endorsements and why she never quite cinched a Glo deal


Genevieve Nnaji is easily one of the most popular and most loved celebrities in Nigeria.

Her obvious talent and her effortless beauty are a constant delight to her fans and that’s why they keep coming back for more.

The screen goddess opened up in this interview with PM News and she spoke about her career and her many brand endorsements.

Excerpts below:

What has been the challenge since taking up the ambassadorship of the Amstel Malt brand?

There has been none so far. Thank God for that. It has been a smooth ride and a positive relationship. I have been working with  very competent people and agents. And Amstel has been very kind to me. It has been a blessing and an experience working with the brand.

You have also represented other brands as an ambassador. Can you tell us the difference between the latest one and the rest?

You can’t compare. This is a drink and also a health drink. It is also a successful brand and it is something that I consume as well. It is not that I am just being introduced to it. It is the same for every other brand. For every brand I represent as ambassador from Range Rover, Polo luxury brand or Etisalat, I am actually a customer or patron of such brands.

Talking about being a brand ambassador, many of your colleagues are part of a particular telecommunication brand as its ambassador. Why were you never considered for the deal?

You have to mention the brand.

Ok, Globacom

But you know I am an Etisalat brand ambassador.

Of course I know. But many people believe you ought to be among the main target when they were choosing entertainment persons for their brand?

Well, I don’t know about that.

Would you also clarify the insinuation swirling around then that Chief Mike Adenuga personally called you and you still referred him to your manager?

First of all, that is not true as I never spoke to Dr. Mike Adenuga. In fact, it will be a honour to speak with him. However, let us face the subject of speaking with my manager. I think it is professional that managers should be contacted when issues about business are about to be discussed.

I am not saying that was the issue with that particular brand. But let’s assume it was; is there any problem speaking with someone’s management? Please tell me.

So, they never approached you?

Truly I was approached. We had negotiations but things didn’t work out and everyone moved on. It is simple.

Would you want to set the record straight concerning your relationship with the music star, D’Banj?

I have no comment at all on that subject.


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