Woman Allows nake Pastor To Pray For Her Daughters Without Their Clothes On

A father has been granted custody of his two daughters after their mother was was involved in church rituals where members would engage in n***d prayer therapy sessions with their pastor.


The mother (not identified), had told the court that the decision was unfair and her her religious freedom was violated.

According to the court ruling, “When a parent puts his/her children in a social setting with n***d adults, and encourages his (or her) daughter to receive therapy from a man who sometimes, in the course of therapy, digitally penetrates the vaginas of the recipients of his therapy, the evidence sufficiently supports a finding that the parent exposed his/her children to an injurious environment.”

The woman was said to have taken her underage children to n***d therapy, dubbed “Light Therapy” by pastor Phil Livingston of Light of the World Ministries in Wauconda, Ill.

The one-on-one sessions involved church members getting n**e before he would insert his fingers into their private areas as he told them to touch his.

Her daughters were aged 13 and 10 years old.

A former member of the church testified in court against the mother saying that she saw her and her daughters in Livingston’s home, where the sessions took place, and noted that at one point, Livingston asked the mother to groom one of her daughters in preparation for the ritual.

The pastor is currently being investigated by the police.


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