It Is Written: This $20 Bill Is Only To Be Used For Weed Or Cocaine

“Pay It Forward” is an unnecessarily dramatic movie from a time when Haley Joel Osment was still somewhat relevant, and also an age-old, almost karmic concept that teaches people not to be assh*les.

It’s a simple idea and (as long as you’re not too douchey about it) an admirable one: If someone does you a favor, you “pay it forward” to someone else. Like I said, it’s not exactly complicated. I’m a man of my word.You’ve probably seen this phenomenon playing out in real life, or at the very least you’ve read a sappy human interest story about a string of people paying for the next customer’s coffee at Starbucks. This example is slightly less wholesome.
When you consider that this bill was dispensed from an ATM, you could even argue that this isn’t “paying it forward” at all but more of an unreasonable demand to an unwilling accomplice. In reality, it’s only paying it forward if the recipient wanted to buy drugs but was looking for a shaky excuse.
If that’s the case, you could even say that the original weed buyer was doing his or her best to bring joy and happiness into the world (hence the use of “please”). The truth is, I really don’t care about the semantics because the picture amused me.

Hopefully, you feel the same way


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