Catholic Priest Caught Red Handed On Businessman’s Wife

This Catholic priest has further dented the image of the battered church.

As much as the Catholic Churchis grappling with sex abuse by their priests, another Reverend Father in a Catholic Diocese in Ogoja, Cross River State, Nigeria, has been caught red handed by a business rolling in the hay with his wife.According to an online newspaper that is an authority in the South-South parts of the country, CrossRiverWatch, the business man, James Okafor, who runs a successful super-mart in the town, Jenny Supermarket located along Mission Road in Igoli, Ogoja, was shocked to his bone marrow when he bumped into the adulterous pair in his bedroom.
The online paper reports that the Catholic priest, said had always been a regular visitor to the businessman’s home, was seen as a very faithful friend and spiritual father to the family, often offering them special prayers, but the Reverend gentleman had other reasons for always visiting, even when the man was away, which was very regular.
But the bubble burst when the priest visited Okafor’s home as usual and was received by the unsuspecting man who asked his wife to offer the. priest drinks and refreshment.
After some time, the businessman decided to leave for his shop but as things would turn out, after driving away from his house towards his business, he remembered that he had forgotten to take the money his boys realized from sales the previous day which he was meant to take the bank and decided to go back home.
Cross River Watch, quoting an eye witness, a close family of the Okafors, put the report this way:
When Mr. James Okafor got to his home, the door was not locked from behind and he went in but the priest and his wife were not on their seats in the parlor and as he went into the bedroom, the priest was right on top of his wife and the man screamed.
The emotionally shattered man ran out of the house in tears and went to lodge a report with the Bishop of the diocese, Bishop Aya. When Bishop Aya got wind of what had happened, he was livid with rage and immediately queried the priest and transferred him to Ugep which is also a part of the Ogoja Diocese.
The case, according to the online newspaper, is still under being investigated but it seems it may be swept under the carpet due to the figures involved.


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