How Many Guys Would Date A Model Who Goes Nude In Fashion Ads?

British Fashion Brand Ellesse Unveils Steamy Photos For New Ad Campaign

British fashion brandElleseis making a comeback and 22-year-old former “Towie” starLucy Mecklenburghis stripping for their new ad. But for some obvious reason, her topless pics didn’t make the final cut!The former reality star daringly goes topless in some of the risque photos for the new collection yet manages to artfully maintain her modesty. The fabric and the design have been designed specifically for people, likeLucy, who like to work out and look good while they do so. Plus, prices for the clothes are reportedly all under £60 making them super affordable.
Lucyattended the two day shoot for the brand in Manchester but these searingly steamy pix are not being used in the final ad campaign but are arguably the sexiest photosLucyhas done to date.
Would you allow your girlfriend pose like this for any ad whatsoever? Send us your thoughts.


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