Arnold Schwarzenegger Infects Prisoners With Leprosy Disease?

The “Terminator” actor’s gubernatorial period could have been trapped in a scandalous closet!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied being responsible for exposing prison inmates to a leprosy-like disease while governor of California.
The Terminator actor claims in new legal docsobtained by TMZ today that he is not personally responsible for an outbreak in Pleasant Valley State Prison, where spores in the soil triggered an epidemic of Valley Fever – a disease that attacks the body’s organs and leads to skin lesions, amputations and brain damage.
Schwarzenegger is being sued by inmates who claim they got sick because of his indifference and storing prisoners where dangerous spores were in abundance.
However,in the new court docs Arnold states that he was not indifferent but held a news conference acknowledging the problem. He adds that he was busy running the state and others were responsible for solving prison problems.
So in essence, its not really his fault that prisoners in his state got sick just because he couldn’t supervise “those responsible” for taking care of the prisons?



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